Why Professional Book Formatting Pays Off!

Why Professional Book Formatting Pays Off

If you have ever tried to read through a great book with poor formatting, you already know why! Poor formatting can ruin a great book, but professional book formatting is worth every cent of your investment!


Professional book formatting is the foundation of any great book. Just like getting your book edited and proofread or getting a cover, professional book formatting is one of the most important aspects of any new book. For many indie authors, formatting is one step in which they try to save some money, but are they just cutting off their own noses to spite their faces? Professional book formatting could be the one thing that sets your book apart from the competition or turns a five-star review into a two- or three-star review.

We aren’t saying that you can’t do your own formatting. If you have the skills, then give it a whirl. We’ll just say this: unless you plan on spending hundreds of hours learning all the complicated style guides and rules, buying Adobe InDesign, and putting in some seriously mind-shattering hours, maybe you could spend those hours writing the next book or doing some marketing and social media work.


Which Type of Book Formatting Are You Going To Choose?

When you make the decision to hire a book formatter for your professional formatting, you can go down several different paths. Once again, we just want to stress that choosing the cheapest option isn’t always going to pay off in the end. Consider professional book formatting as an investment in the success of your next book! Here are your three options:

  1. The Cheap Route – This is probably going to be the cheapest option. Choosing book formatters from freelance sites such as Fiver and UpWork. Don’t get us wrong, there are some terrific freelancers putting out great work, but there are also some very cheap and nasty ones out there. Check out their reviews, speak to them before you order, and make sure that they’re the real deal. Sometimes, it’s better just to have a go at formatting yourself. It might save you some money and headaches.
  2. The Expensive Route – This is where you go to a professional company that mainstream published authors are using. You’re going to love their work, most of the time, but you’re also going to be paying for it out of your royalties for the next twelve months. Prices for these companies can start at around $1500 and run all the way up to $5000. You’re paying for a professional finish, but you’ll also be waiting for a while as the waiting list can be quite long. These companies deal with a lot of the big publishing houses, and their clients are always going to come first.
  3. The Best Route for Professional Book Formatting – Okay, so straight up, we might be a little biased (because Indie Publishing Group falls into this category), but when it comes to professional book formatting, stick with a smaller professional company. You’re getting fantastic book formatting, one-on-one customer service, and a premium finish. Smaller professional book formatting companies like Indie Publishing Group are more likely to work around your individual styles, timelines, and requirements.


Book Formatting from Professionals – Conclusion

Before your book is ready for professional book formatting, you can do a few simple things to make the entire process go a lot easier. Have your book beta-read by friends, followers, and professionals. Send your book off to be edited and proofread to get rid of all those little typos and mistakes. Have your book size ready to go, and choose if you’re going to go with color photos or black and white photos. Think about any interior décor, fonts, and styles you would like incorporated into your book.

If you have any questions about professional book formatting, then don’t hesitate to contact our resident book formatting professional, Chrissy. She’ll be more than happy to help you turn your next book into a masterpiece!

At Indie Publishing Group, we’re proud to assist Canadian and North American authors in self-publishing their work. If you are in the process of writing a book and need any assistance with paperback or ebook formatting, cover design, professional editing, or uploading to self-publishing sites such as Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Our experienced and professional self-publishing team is standing by to assist you with your self-publishing dreams.

P.S. – If you are only thinking about releasing an eBook, you’re already cutting out a potentially lucrative income stream. Printed books can be a great way to make money throughout the year, especially on holidays. Let’s face it: having printed copies of your book in paperback and hardcover is truly the sign of a confident and successful author. Take it from us; it’s worth the investment!

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