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Navigating the complicated keywords and categories on book platforms such as Amazon etc. can be extremely stressful. Uploading files, choosing categories, and ensuring everything are listed can be time-consuming, let Indie Publishing take care of it for you! Choosing your keywords, picking categories, and fine-tuning them until you find the right fit for your book can be extremely difficult.


We can help you choose the correct keywords and categories, ensuring that your book has the best opportunity of being seen where it is supposed to be. We can also help with uploading your book to various platforms to finish off your self-publishing journey!


Once your book has been edited, proofread, formatted and it’s ready to publish, it’s time to start visiting all the different web platforms and book sites to start uploading your manuscript or file. It’s during this process that you’ll need to start focusing on choosing your book categories and keywords and deciding which platforms or companies will sell your book and how much you’re going to be listing it for.


Often this can be an extremely time-consuming and complicated process for those that are new to publishing their own books. If you want to, you can let one of our professional team members take care of it all for you! They’ll upload your book file, attach covers, work with you to choose pricing and distribution channels, choose keywords, and add descriptions. It’s during this process that small things can start to throw a wrench in your plans, causing complicated delays that can feel very overwhelming to new authors.


Book publishing services:
  • Uploading your files
  • Uploading your Covers
  • Keywords
  • Categories & Much More!


At Indie Publishing Group, we’ll take care of ensuring that your book is listed correctly across a wide variety of different book platforms. We can correspond with companies on your behalf, getting your book listed, with accurate information in the correct categories, leaving you more time to focus on writing your next book! If you would like to find out more about our publishing assistance, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us!


Publishing Assistance Services Price List

Client Pricing

Basic Uploading assistance – (We Do It For You) – $50 per platform

Guided Uploading Assistance – (One on One screen share or phone consult to guide you through the process) $150 up to two platforms


Non Client Pricing

 If you are just looking for uploading assistance and have your files ready. The pricing is as follows.

Basic Uploading assistance – (We Do It For You) – $100 per platform

Guided Uploading Assistance – (One on One screen share or phone consult to guide you through the process) $200 up to two platforms

Uploading to ACX $75


One-on-One Consults please contact us for details.


**Platinum Concierge Publishing Package Fiction/Non-Fiction Books (Add on)**


At Indie Publishing Group, we understand that no two projects are the same. Some authors may prefer extra attention, or new authors may want help throughout the self-publishing process. That’s why we have developed our Platinum Concierge Publishing Package.


The Platinum Concierge Publishing Package involves additional one-on-one assistance throughout the design and layout stage, uploading assistance, and even more fantastic bonuses.


This package includes everything you need to get your manuscript uploaded and published:

  • one-on-one unlimited consulting either through email or phone
  • guided assistance uploading to your choice(s) of platforms (Amazon, Ingram Spark, or Smashwords) ( Max 2 platforms)
  • priority editing service for fast turnaround, including 25 free edits (placing your edits at the top of the list, guaranteeing completion within one business day)
  • 3D mockup of your finished book for social media and promotions
  • bonus décor for the interior of your manuscript


Make sure to mention this when ordering.

For all book formatting orders please make sure to check out the Requirements →

Well Edited Books Sell Better. An Unedited Book Can Sell, but It Will Never Reach Its Full Potential.

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