Requirements for All Books

  • Please send in your final edited manuscript when ordering.
  • All illustrations/images must be submitted in high resolution 300 dpi.
  • Any illustrations that have the text already placed on the image must be .5 inches away from each edge to prevent issues with print.


On Confirmation of Payment

  • We prefer Dropbox or for receiving of your illustrations when possible. Please send to
  • Please include a word file with instructions of placement of images and your text. The more information we have the better.
  • Any illustration/images changes after formatting has begun will be charged at $5 per page so please make sure all final illustrations are sent in. (Children’s Books ONLY)
  • Any editing changes after formatting has been begun will be charged at .75 cents per edit.
  • All formatting changes and adjustments are FREE.

Well Edited Books Sell Better. An Unedited Book Can Sell, but It Will Never Reach Its Full Potential.

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