Self-Publishing Services for Authors

Professional Book Publishing and Self-Publishing Services!

All of the affordable self-publishing services provided by Indie Publishing Group can be purchased individually or rolled into a complete package. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on affordable self-publishing services. When you work with us, you’re working with a company that cares about your finished book. We want your work to shine! A professional finish to your hard work is the least that your blood, sweat, and tears deserve!

Ensuring that your book has no grammatical mistakes, punctuation or spelling will help the overall sales and readability of your work. You want to guarantee that your work looks and sounds as professional as possible.

Ghostwriting Services

Often when it comes to our own books or book ideas, we just need a little bit of writing help. When you hire a ghostwriter, they can take a lot of the stress out of helping you finish your book or novel.

Book Formatting

Having a professional-looking book can mean the difference between good and bad reviews. It can also determine whether or not a reader takes the time to read through your book or puts it down several pages. 

Children’s Book Layout

Ready to create a children’s book? We work with authors globally, merging stunning illustrations and text for the perfect book. We collaborate one-on-one, bringing your ideas and style to life.

Children’s Book Illustrations

Despite the saying, books are judged by their covers. Our design team ensures your book stands out, with custom Cover Design, Interior Layout, and Illustrations, all without templates that ensures quality.

Publishing Assistance

Navigating book platform keywords and categories like Amazon’s is stressful and time-consuming. Let Indie Publishing handle the file uploads, category selection, and listing to save your time!

Book Cover Design

Searching for a premium book cover designer in Canada? Indie Publishing Group’s skilled, professional designers are always ready to create striking, memorable ebook and paperback covers for your unique book!

Marketing & Social Media

If you have been searching for an easier way to manage your social media and marketing, then Indie Publishing Group is here to help! We take the hard work out of social media content creation and posting.

Self Publishing Packages

Self Publishing Packages

If you’re a new Canadian or North American author looking at self publishing in Canada, then Indie Publishing Group is here to help you with our affordable self publishing packages. Choose from either of our self-publishing packages .

Self Publishing Packages
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