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At Indie Publishing Group we understand that many authors have a lot of questions about not only the self-publishing process but also how Indie Publishing Group operates. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive FAQ section. We know that finding the answers to the self-publishing FAQ you’re looking for isn’t always easy. We are constantly updating the Indie Publishing Group website and the FAQ section, so make sure to check in!

If you are looking to an answer for a specific FAQ and you can’t find it here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We love to speak new authors and help them bring their projects to life!

Publishing and Self-Publishing FAQ

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Ingram Sparks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc. are all platforms where self-published authors can publish their books. At Indie Publishing Group we can help new authors self-publish their books.

No. We charge a fee to help you prepare your book for self-publishing, but we aren’t a publishing company. We can help you self-publish your book from the editing and formatting stage all the way to uploading to platforms such as Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark etc.

No, it is very important that you begin to organize your own ISBN before ordering your formatting. There is a website where you can purchase your own ISBN in the U.S. If you are Canadian, you can get your ISBN for free from Library and Archives Canada. For other countries, you’ll need to Google what your local policy is regarding ISBNs.

If you choose to print your book via Amazon KDP, then they will supply you with an ISBN for the print version of your book. (Please do your own research regarding using ISBNs supplied through KDP). You can get your ISBN organized while we work on the formatting of your book if you choose to.

We are happy to help with all of these. You must fill out how many of these elements your book contains during the ordering and checkout process or when you are requesting a quote.

Indie Publishing Group FAQ

Due to the time required to discuss projects and questions which authors have; we have limited phone appointments available which you can book through the Phone Consultation Page. Unfortunately, due to the time demands placed on the company, we are required to charge a non-refundable fee for this service.

No, we aren’t a book publishing company. What we can do for you though is to help you get your book or manuscript formatted professionally ready for uploading to markets such as Amazon KDP, Ingram Sparks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc.

No, we don’t print books. We can help format your book into a file type which is ready to be printed by any printing company, including print on demand companies such as Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP etc.

This is something which we would need to discuss before ordering and consider on a one-on-one basis. Indie Publishing Group is always looking to build long-term relationships with authors and publishing companies.

Yes! We have an extensive range of blogs which are written to help authors and potential authors provide the best book they can. You can see all our blogs and articles here.

At Indie Publishing Group we are a small company. We do work in multiple time zones and long hours, but there will be times when we don’t get to emails straight away. We always try to answer any emails we receive within 24 hours.

Formatting and Layout FAQ

We prefer all manuscripts to be submitted in a Microsoft Word document. However, we will accept a wide range of other document types. PDFs, RTFs, ODTs or InDesign files. However, some of these file types may cost an additional fee due to the added work needed to convert them.

If you aren’t using a word.doc, please contact us before ordering or mention it at the time of obtaining a quote.

If you are ordering eBook formatting, then you will receive both an ePub file for eReader devices and also a MOBI file, which is to be used for Kindle. If you are purchasing print formatting, you’ll receive a PDF formatted for Print On Demand standards. If you require anything specific, please ask during the ordering process.

In most cases, self-publishing platforms accept the same file format, but sometimes this isn’t the case. When you are requesting a quote, please inform us which platforms you would like to publish on and what type of file format you would like.

Once we receive the finalized version of your book or manuscript, and you have completed the ordering process, you will receive the first draft of your formatting within approximately 12 business days of your order being processed.

We understand that often, there are going to be corrections which authors, editors, and publishers require to be made to their text. We include free formatting/layout/design revisions with all of our formatting packages until you’re 100% satisfied.

However, you will only receive 10 free edits for changes to text, headings, errors or typos which aren’t related to the formatting and layout process. After this, edits are charged at $1 per edit, per format. Edits can be requested by contacting your project manager. You will receive instructions with your first draft that show you how to correctly request edits.

We are happy to help with all of these. You must fill out how many of these elements your book contains during the ordering and checkout process or when you are requesting a quote.

No. Non-fiction books require additional layout and formatting work, which makes them more time-consuming. This additional layout time means that the total price will be higher, and we require all non-fiction books to be quoted before work commences.

Book décor is adding accents to chapter pages and scene breaks which will enhance the finished look of your book or manuscript. Décor is available for both print and eBook. However, the décor in print books doesn’t always convert the same across digital book platforms, and there may be some differences when viewed on e-readers.

We would be happy to help make your book look fantastic! You can choose to have additional décor added for a fee of $25 per book per format.

Of course! Just let us know what your printer’s specific requirements are before ordering, and we’ll be able to deliver you with a print ready file. Most printers follow industry standard practices. However, some printers may have minor differences.

Yes, it does. While we can format unfinished books for advanced reader copies (ARCs), you would need to have them formatted again before publishing, which would cost you more money. Most authors come back with enough changes to make reformatting a more budget-friendly option.

Yes, we can provide indexing inside your manuscript. However, it is time-consuming, and there is a per-word fee for indexing services. Please mention you require indexing before ordering or at the time of ordering.

Editing FAQ

At Indie Publishing Group we have an entire team of professional editors. Finding an editor to work with can often be a personal choice rather than financial. The editors each have their own editor’s profiles, and you can choose which editor you would like to work with.

Please note, each of our editors quote on a project before starting, and not all rates will be the same.

No. There are various types of editing which we offer. Your editor will read a ten-page sample to gauge the story and determine what type of editing they recommend. They will offer advice for what they believe is required and the appropriate prices.

No. After your book has been through the major editing process, you’ll need to have it proofread again for typos and errors. We also suggest proofreading again after formatting.

You can never proof your book too much!

The editor will make changes and will always utilize the track change function. It’s up to the author to check the changes made by the editor and either accept or reject those changes.

Illustration FAQ

Yes, you can! While our illustrators create all their own work, a picture is worth a thousand words in most cases and an example picture can make the initial planning and concept stage of your project much faster and easier.

Amazon KDP does not offer a landscape option, so if Amazon KDP is one your choices, you’ll need to choose a trim size according to what they have available. For example, if you chose an 8.5 Inch x 11 Inch trim size, your illustrations would need to be 8.75 Inch x 11.25 Inch to allow a full bleed.

All illustrations should be a minimum of 300dpi at your required trim size, including additional allowed for bleed.

Yes! Below are some quick tips for making sure your process goes smoothly.

    • If you are looking to have your text on your illustrations, you need to ensure that you share that with your illustrator so that they can allow enough clear space for text on your illustrations.
    • All major elements (embedded text and characters etc.) should be 0.5 Inch from the outside margins to ensure that they aren’t cut off or lost in the gutter/spine.

We have a fantastic blog available on Helpful Tips For Creating A Children’s Book which if full of great information about children’s books.

We prefer all illustrations to be in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or PDF. We can also use PSD or AI files.

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