Illustration Portfolio

If you are looking for illustrations for your next children’s book, contact us with your ideas. We have a dedicated team of professional children’s book illustrators who are more than happy to work with you to create your dream illustrations. If you have an idea for a children’s book and need illustrations, then they are here to help.

We also have a dedicated writing team that can help you create detailed children’s stories. They can work with your story outline to create fun, funny, or meaningful stories.

Your next children’s book could be just around the corner! Simply contact us with your ideas. We will get back to you to discuss your story and illustration needs.

Every illustration is different, and they will vary in price. Our illustrators will work with you to come up with illustration solutions that work with your budget and style.

Illustration prices start at $30 CAD per illustration and increase from there depending on the size, quality, and detail. Indie Publishing Group has worked with many children’s book authors to help bring their book dreams to life.

Tanya Zeinalova

David Andersen

Paul Schultz

Vanessa Alexandre

Kezzia Crossley

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