The Many Aspects to Self-Publishing

The Many Aspects to Self-Publishing

There is Always the Sense of Urgency When It Comes to Self-publishing Your First Book, But Patience is a Virtue and Could Really Pay Off in The End!

When you spend weeks, months or even years working on a book or novel, once you’re finished there is always this urgency to rush through the last stages. Rushing through any of the final stages of your book on your way to self-publishing is where most authors make their biggest mistakes. There is an order that we all need to follow, and it could save you some costly mistakes in the long run.

So, your book is finished, and you have been thinking about self-publishing to get it out into reader’s hands. There is nothing wrong with self-publishing at all, it just takes a little bit more hard work on your end of things. You’ll need to handle all your own marketing and advertising, but you’ll also retain complete control of your finished product.

The Book is Finished, but What Happens Next?

How much you spend is ultimately up to you, but the first thing that you need to look at is getting a great editor. Your editor will read through your book and make sure that it flows, that you haven’t left any flaws in the plot or character development and make suggestions on how they think the book could be improved. Once you have a manuscript which you and your editor are happy with, it’s time to move onto the next stage of your self-publishing journey.

A good proofreader is worth their weight in gold! You’ll want to have the entire manuscript proofread now, and once it’s done have your editor and yourself proofread it again! The more times you have it proofed, the less likely it is that you’ll encounter any errors.

Now your book has been edited and proofed; it’s time to have some impartial eyes look at it. If you can start to build a list of proofreaders, you’ll be able to call upon them in the future with any new books you write. Remember, some will be quick, others may take quite a lot of time. Proofreaders are looking at the flow of the novel, plot twists, character development and may even pick up on any errors or problems which have slipped through. After you get all your proofreader’s comments back, you and your editor may have to make some changes to the book to incorporate any ideas which the proofreaders have had.

When you have a clean, edited, proofed manuscript finished it’s time to send it off to get formatted. This is where your book will be formatted for all the different printers and e-book company’s requirements. You’ll be able to choose certain designs and layouts which suit your book and your preferences. You’ll need a final page count for your cover, but now is a good time to be thinking of ideas and a general concept for your cover.

Once you have a formatted document, it is time to get started on the cover. Don’t try to cut corners with your cover; it’s the first thing that readers will see, and could very well be what sells your book. When you have a completed book and cover, you’re ready to publish. You can choose from a large variety of different sites such as Amazon, Smash words, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Spark and many others! The choice is yours.

This is only a very brief introduction into self-publishing, and what you’ll need to do, more detailed and in-depth guides will follow! We’ll constantly be updating and adding new blogs, so make sure that you follow the site and bookmark it to ensure that you don’t miss out. You can also like us on Facebook to stay in touch and make sure you don’t miss out on any specials.


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