10 Things You Never Knew About Book Editing but Should Have!

10 Things You Never Knew About Book Editing, But Should Have

Before you send your manuscript off for editing, here are ten important things that every author should understand!


We all love writing books, but for some of us, the editing process can be a little challenging. Before you decide to send your finished book off to be edited, here are some important things about editing that you should know!

  1. Don’t send that first draft straight off to be edited! – We all get excited about our book finally being finished. The temptation is there just to rush through and send that book straight off to the editor. The recommended course of action is to put the book aside for a few weeks and then read it again. Focus on all aspects of the book and try to make as many improvements as possible at this stage. If you can bring yourself to do it, try doing another round of changes and editing yourself. You want your book to be as perfect as you can make it before sending it off to be edited.
  2. Your book editing is not ghostwriting! – Your book editor isn’t there to write your book for you. Your book editor isn’t there to add dialogue, and scenes, create characters, or finish off your book for you.
  3. Choose book editing services that work in your genre – If your book editor enjoys reading your genre, then they are going to enjoy working on your book much more than a genre that they hate. They will also be familiar with the genre’s style and be able to help suggest any edits.
  4. Be prepared for feedback, negative or positive – It may sound obvious, but many authors aren’t ready for the feedback they receive. Just because you believe that you may have written the next ‘Harry Potter’ book doesn’t make it true. Book editing isn’t there to destroy your work, but there may be some changes suggested that you don’t like. Try to go into your book editing with an open mind!
  5. It doesn’t happen overnight! – Don’t expect your book to be done in a few hours. A good b book editor is going to take a little bit of time to complete. Always leave yourself enough time for each step towards publishing your book.
  6. Don’t send it off unless you’re ready to move on to the next step in publishing – If you have even the slightest suspicion that you want to change an aspect of your book, don’t send it off for book editing! Take another week or month to try and flesh out any of the changes you may have been dwelling on.
  7. If you want to learn, let your book editor know! – If you are interested in becoming a better author, then tell your editor. Ask them to explain why they changed or suggested changing something during the book editing process. This will help you to avoid mistakes next time or may even make you a better author!
  8. Don’t just think about it. Let your book editor know! – If you’re trying to get the point across during your book or want your readers to think or feel a certain way, then let your book editor know before the book editing process. The more your editor knows, the better the book editing will be.
  9. Work on the book editing to improve your book – If you’re going to disregard your book editing, then why get it done? Be open to changes, and work with the book editor on the changes they suggest.
  10. Book editing is there to improve your book – Your book editing is there to improve your book, not change it to a different book altogether. It should suggest ways to improve your book without completely changing it or rewriting it. Ultimately, if you aren’t happy with the book editing, then it may be worthwhile to look at getting a second opinion from another book editor.


10 Things You Never Knew About Book Editing but Should Have! – Conclusion

There you go, ten of the most important things that your editor wants you to know!

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