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Hockey Wars 2

- The New Girl
 Series: Hockey Wars Series  Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Genre: Middle Grade  Reading Age: Ages 9-12  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group Inc  Country: Canada  Illustrator: Tanya Zeinalova  Buy Now

The Dakota Hurricanes are back for another hockey season, and there’s someone new this year!

The team has already been chosen, but a late addition could change the team dynamic and the friendships and could even ruin their entire season. Mia has arrived in the small town of Dakota, throwing the girl’s hockey team into a panic. The girls don’t know anything about her—and don’t want to. But could Mia be just what the girl’s hockey team needs?

The girls aren’t sure about the new girl, but the Dakota Lightning boys sure are!

Will Millie lose her best friend, Cam, to Mia? Or will Millie and Cam finally take the next step in their friendship?

There’s only one way to find out! Check out Hockey Wars 2: The New Girl now!

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