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Hockey Wars 10

- State Tryouts
 Series: Hockey Wars Series  Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Genre: Middle Grade  Reading Age: Ages 9-12  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group Inc  Country: Canada  Illustrator: Tanya Zeinalova  Buy Now

The kids from the Dakota Hurricanes and Lightning are back, and this time, they’ve headed to the state team tryouts! Will Millie or Cameron make the team, or will they miss out?

For Millie, joining the state hockey team has been a long dream that she’d never had the courage to commit to before fully. But, after the disaster of her first tryout several years ago, Millie was determined to put everything she had into her tryout this year.

You’ll get to read along with the team of friends from Dakota and see if they can take their hockey skills to the next level and win a jersey and position on the state team. There’s going to be some heartbreak and happiness as this close group of friends all try and become part of the best team in their state, as well as a bunch of fun!

If you have enjoyed reading along with Cameron, Millie, Georgia, Rhys, Khloe, and all the crew from Dakota, what are you waiting for? Slide your way into Hockey Wars 10 now!

Editorial Reviews

It’s state team tryouts time…will Millie and Cameron make the cut or will their hockey dreams blow up under pressure? This book is a wonderful story about friends, rivalry, obstacles, and playing hockey. As someone who grew up playing hockey, I found the story accurate. The characters have different personalities with varying strengths and weaknesses. With a full cast of characters, this is a story any kid will love. Millie’s fierce competitiveness added realism to the story. So many books nowadays don’t have girls getting furious, competitive, and going after what they want but this book has it in spades. I recommend this book to anyone who plays/played hockey. Honest lessons about the right way to play and live life are interwoven throughout the story.

~ N.N. Light

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