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Hockey Wars 7

- Winter Break
 Series: Hockey Wars Series  Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Genre: Middle Grade  Reading Age: Ages 9-12  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group Inc  Illustrator: Tanya Zeinalova  Buy Now

The Dakota Hurricanes and Lightning are back, and together, they’re preparing for the 1st Annual Pond Hockey Tournament and dance!

These kids love a good laugh and a joke, but when it comes to hockey, they’re always ready to take their game to the next level! The Pond Hockey Tournament is a time to show everyone that they’re much more than just a regular team.

With a bunch of exciting things happening out on the ice, it’s easy to forget that it’s almost the end of the year, and that means Christmas parties, presents, and fun with friends and family. If you have enjoyed reading along with Cameron, Millie, Mia, Khloe, and all the crew, then what are you waiting for?

Skate your way into Hockey Wars 7 now!

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