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Senica Maltese


Senica Maltese is a Canadian writer, editor, and animated film enthusiast. In 2016, she earned her BA in Writing and English Literature from the University of Victoria and moved to the United Kingdom to pursue her Masters in Creative Writing, Prose Fiction, at the University of East Anglia.

During her time abroad, Senica worked as a freelance editor of literary fiction and creative and critical nonfiction, polishing manuscripts that went on to be published by Cambridge University Press, Rutgers University Press, the UEA Publishing Project, and Strangers Press. As a lifelong student of writing and literature, she has over seven years’ worth of intensive workshop experience, with specializations in fiction, experimental literature, and creative nonfiction.

As a writer herself, Senica understands the importance of finding an editor who can identify and enhance an author’s vision for their work. She is comfortable working on manuscripts in all stages of development and has provided everything from substantive, mentorship-style feedback to final proofreads.

Senica has a passion for fiction across genres, with a particular taste for evocative realism and anything that veers toward the weird or experimental. She is also an avid reader of thought-provoking nonfiction and harbours a deep love for children’s books.

Senica currently lives on Salt Spring Island, where she reads, writes, and collects oddly shaped stones.

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