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Janet Tufts


Before pursuing a career in editing, Janet spent 20+ years in the non-profit sector writing and editing business collateral of every kind. As a professional editor, she is open to any genre or type of editing project (substantive, stylistic, copy editing or proofreading) with a particular interest in self-help books, memoirs, children’s books, and cookbooks.

Janet is the author of a young adult version of Moby Dick (Landoll Publishing, 1995) and is currently working on the publication of her first children’s picture book.
Janet is a candidate of the Editing Certificate Program at Simon Fraser University and a member and volunteer of Editors Canada. She is trained in plain language.
Janet holds a Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and a Professional Certificate in Communications and Public Relations. She is trained in plain language and has taught numerous writing-related post-graduate courses.