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Dee Willson

Denise (Dee) Willson


Denise Willson, fondly known as Dee, grew up in St.Catharines, Ontario, where she was most often found with her nose in a book and skates on her feet. She felt the writer’s call at fifteen when she penned her first novel and received her first rejection letter (from Berkley Publishing) to go with it.

Dreaming of a gig in advertising led her to a marketing and advertising degree. It also led to a private meeting with a creative writing professor and school counselor, who both thought her term paper was a cry for help. It wasn’t, but she was pleased nonetheless. There was no doubt—words were her future.

Dee became a professional developmental editor, copy editor, proofreader, and writer to nurture this passion for words. She’s worked with Indigo Books head office for almost eighteen years and edits and writes full-time for publishers, corporations, PR firms, ad agencies, and other editorial companies.

Dee is passionate about manuscripts. To hone her craft, she joined a hard-core book club, published short stories and interviews, contributed to blogs, and wrote the novel A Keeper’s Truth, followed by GOT (Gift of Travel) and No Apology For Being. She is traditionally published, represented by Hilary McMahon, VP of Westwood Creative Artists, and the winner of several awards including Kobo’s Best Emerging Author Award.

Dee Willson believes words are magic. She lives to help others find the magic too.

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