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Bobbi Beatty


Bobbi is a professional editor, writer, and dreamer who believes everyone has a story to tell and has a right to have it heard by the world. She revels in using her editing degree and decade of experience to help others bring those stories to fruition and to ensure they show their best face to the world.

Her specialties and passions lay in young adult literature (fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction) and poetry, but her portfolio also includes adult literature (fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction), children’s literature, autobiographies, memoirs, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, self-help, educational, and technical (engineering). Travel literature is also near and dear to her heart because everyone in the world should understand more about each other.

Though many writers may be intimidated by an editor’s red pen, Bobbi’s motto may put your mind at ease: There are no wrong answers, just better ways of saying things or putting things together. When she’s not editing or writing, she’s learning more about people and the world, either through reading or traveling.