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Alyssa Rowley


From a very early age, the written word was something Alyssa has thrived on.  She was an early reader and always had her nose in MANY books.  To this day, reading is a daily occurrence in her home, whether it is a blog, weekly grocery flyers, the latest fiction book from the library, or parenting magazines.  She cannot imagine something more worthwhile than being able to read the literacy of the future; your prized possessions.

Alyssa is a teacher who specializes in Special Education.  She has additional qualifications in reading and mathematics.  Alyssa has taken courses on mechanics, specifically in creative writing.

Her most important job, however, is being a wife and mom.  Alyssa has an amazing husband, Chris and together they have two boys, Jace and Bo.  They are full of energy and fun.  Every day with them is a new adventure.

Alyssa works quickly and efficiently.  Timelines and rules matter.  She brings all of herself into her work, whether it is at school with her students, or at home with her boys.  Alyssa will do the same with your work.

*Children’s books

*Fiction (mystery, historical fiction)

*Educational resources