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Author Interview Cendrine Marrouat|Cendrine Marrouat Life's Little Things cover

This Week’s Featured Author Interview with

Cendrine Marrouat

Hi Cendrine Marrouat, welcome to the Indie Publishing Group website. Introduce yourself to us. Tell everyone who you are, where you’re from, what do you enjoy doing, hobbies and interests.

Hello and thank you for featuring me! I’m happy to be here.

My name is Cendrine Marrouat. It is pronounced as “san-drEEn mar-wah”. The “t” at the end is optional.

You have probably never seen or heard this first name before. Unless you live in France, where it is very common. I was born and raised there and moved to Canada in 2003.

I enjoy the simple things in life: music, reading, writing, doing crosswords, etc. Nothing fancy. 🙂

On the professional side, I am a photographer, social media trainer and blogger, French instructor, and author. I specialize in nature, black-and-white, and close-up images.

When did you start writing and why?

I have always written. As to why, I don’t really know. I inherited the trait from my mother, who was an excellent wordsmith. Unfortunately, she was more passionate about teaching maths…

Which is your favorite book you have written and what gave you the idea for it?

My newest one — Life’s Little Things: The Quotes.

People love inspirational quotes paired with good photos. My book follows that idea. Readers of my blog chose 25 of my images. I then wrote words of wisdom for each one; they are all based on my personal experience.

My book is an invitation to readers to reconnect with themselves and be more positive. I want it to be good food for the soul.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

The slogan of my website is “Documenting life’s little things.” In my photography, I focus on the small details around me. They make life what it is. The title of my book, which is the second volume in my Life’s Little Things series, is a reflection of that.

Who helped you with the cover? Or did your design it yourself? What was your inspiration for your cover design?

I designed the cover myself. I wanted something simple but that gives people a good idea of what the book is about.

As always, life inspired me.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

One author changed my life — Khalil Gibran. He wrote many books, including The Prophet and Jesus, the Son of Man. He was also an incredible artist. His drawings are magnificent and spiritually enhancing.

Have you got anything you’re working on now?

The promotion of Life’s Little Things: The Quotes. It’s a full-time job!

If you could have any super powers what would they be?

A great question! If I wasn’t afraid of heights, I would love to be able to fly.

But seeing from far distances would be awesome!

If you could travel to any location in the world where would you go?

I would go back to Syria. I was there in 2009 and fell in love with the country. You can see some of my shots here.

Iceland and New Zealand have been on my must-visit list for decades.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do an author interview. Take a minute and check Cendrine Marrouat out on the links below. Cendrine Marrouat’s book, Life’s Little Things: The Quotes, is available for purchase HERE.

Cendrine Marrouat Twitter

Cendrine Marrouat Goodreads Author Page

Cendrine Marrouat Amazon Author Page

Cendrine Marrouat Life's Little Things cover


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